2018 Technology Full Time Analyst Program (Montreal)

Bachelor's Degree

Placement and Duration

Technology Analysts will be preplaced to a division within Technology. Upon completion of the training program, graduates join the technology team that best matches their skills and interests.

Training Program

Technology Analysts begin their training in February and August of each year, depending on their graduation date. Analysts will participate in a 15-week global training program, which includes an orientation to the Firm, intensive technology training, introduction to proprietary technologies, and functional training culminating in a four-week group project. Throughout the Program, Analysts will have the opportunity to build a strong global peer network. The comprehensive skills acquired during our training programs provide the Analysts with the tools necessary for the Associate role.


•Development Teams: Our development teams design, develop and maintain applications used by our business units. Daily activities include meeting with clients to gather and analyze requirements. They make system design decisions, evaluating, integrating and developing necessary software, and then test and deploy applications to production. Developing high-performing, low-latency electronic trading systems, and evolving complex workflows and life-cycle management capabilities are just some of the projects available for developers.

•Enterprise Engineering Teams: Our platform-facing teams develop cutting-edge systems to run our business. Our engineers provide tools, applications and platforms such as the Firm’s networks, computing hardware, operating systems and databases for the Firm’s trading applications, mobile applications and other end-user applications. Engineering the Firm’s websites, managing the Windows plant and developing a client reporting delivery system are some of the projects available for engineers in our organization.


•You have a cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0.

•You possess excellent problem-solving, communication, teamwork and analytical skills.

•Experience in the financial services sector is not required.

•Development/Enterprise Engineering: You are in your final year of study towards a bachelor’s or master’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Software Engineering or other related technical majors. Superior technical skills, including a strong understanding of Linux /Unix and Windows, competency in at least one programming language (e.g., C, C++, Java or C#) as well as experience in object-oriented development, good comprehension of data structures, algorithms and complexity theory, strong database and scripting skills.

Full Time Analyst
Full Time Analyst

This Program is closed to applications.